Basic Level


Our students learn English as a second language, in a natural way and at their own pace. Using Side by Side is an English learning Program created by Pearsons.  It helps students to practice and develop avanced skills using the language.  builds students’ general language proficiency and helps them apply these skills for success in daily life and work. It works mainly in: Flexible Language Proficiency Plus Life Skills and Meaningful Instruction Relevant to Students’ Lives.



Advance Level


In this level students learn English by different academy and world contents by a natural way. Using Hey There! Program created by Pearsons’s specially for advanced learners. The methodology is based on a four-level English language course for teenagers, ensures a successful classroom through ongoing self-assessment to monitor student progress, topics and research activities that connect the knowlege to real life, cross-curricular topics that link English to other content areas.

Daily 50 minutes sessions.